Confined Space Entry (16)

This one or two-day program has been developed as a means of protecting the health and significantly reducing accidental injury and death associated with employees entering and working in confined spaces. The course is designed to make the worker aware of the potential hazards and how to take the necessary preventive measures. This two-day program will provide a detailed review of standard procedures for the safe entry into confined spaces. This class meets all training requirements set forth in 29 CFR 1910.146.

Option: If desired, this course can incorporate some material on confined space rescue procedures. For every three confined space deaths, there is one additional death to a well-meaning would-be rescuer. Some employers do not wish to include rescue procedures with the confined space entry course, based on company policy where rescue is to be attempted only by specially trained personnel and not every worker. This is not the same material offered in the 8-Hour Confined Space Rescue course listed below. Choose "16-hr Confined Space Entry/Rescue" on the sign-up page.